Michelle Aughey, Founder - "Each week I call to check on the donations from our generous neighbors.   The restaurant owners and staff are so thankful for your support.  It allows them to anticipate increased revenue on their delivery date and allows them to bring in extra workers.  They always add to the donation meals.  On the receiving end, the hospital staff enjoys a meal during this difficult time, knowing there is community support when you go to work and have to face uncertainty each day as you worry for yourself and your loved ones.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for contributing.   Each of you makes a difference.   Stay safe."

Ann Danner, Dogmatics - "When I saw Michelle’s original post on Nextdoor, I thought, “I can call a few restaurants and see if they want to get involved.”  Three of the four I called jumped on it!  The more I thought about her idea, the more ‘wins’ I saw: our local restaurants, which are struggling to keep staff and orders coming in; the TGH employees, who are swamped and have limited meal options; and us locals, who want to help in some way, but don’t know how.  Then Radhika offered to do a FB page and Cheryl offered to create an Instagram and website, then someone got the media’s attention, and people started ordering...it took off!  A simple question and an easy plan bloomed into a solid set of wins and spawned similar efforts in and outside of Florida!  I am so proud of our community and the individual efforts that make it what it is.

Radhika Khiroya Patel - "This is incredible what each of you are doing! For just $10 we are changing this community for the better!  Please feel free to contact any of our local restaurants any day of the week and they will add your meal to the total for the next delivery."

Cheryl Miller, At The Table PR - "When I saw what Michelle started I knew I had to jump in immediately to help support this effort.  Working with many restaurants on their marketing efforts, I knew how much our local restaurants were struggling due to the restrictions from COVID-19, I felt strongly about doing anything I could to help support Together for Tampa - Neighbors Helping Neighbors!  I am truly honored and grateful to be included."

TGH Physician - "I can let you know from speaking with a couple of my colleagues in the internal medicine department (hospitalists) as well as pulmonology/critical care (ICU) they are very grateful for the donations and it makes their jobs a little bit easier and less stressful when a nice lunch is provided for them."




Davis Islands Resident - "I just want to give a shout out to the amazing crew at Davis Island Yacht Club for donating over 300 meals to TGH Thursday. In collaboration with Together for Tampa and with membership support, the incredibly hard working staff brought a little taste of kindness to the warriors serving on the front lines at TGH.

Supporting Together for Tampa will enable more delicious meals to be donated in the weeks to come.

Way to go DIYC!"

"Thank you Tampa Magazine for sharing opportunities for our community to help each other during this difficult time!  

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