Together for Tampa: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

This is a stimulus plan that works!


By sponsoring these meals, we are injecting funds into our local economy.  We are providing the local businesses a way to hire our fellow neighbors to work.  We are generating revenue that will help keep Tampa moving!  We are sharing gratitude to everyone involved. 


We are a group of Tampa residents who have developed an active solution to show gratitude to our fearless health staff at local hospitals, starting with Tampa General Hospital while providing financial support to our local businesses.

By partnering with local restaurants, we have created a "meal train" to deliver delicious food at a negotiated price that is sponsored by individuals in the community.


We have setup a schedule of meals and menus with contact information for residents to call and contribute based on their level of generosity. The more individuals that participate, the more meals we can deliver to the staff! Check out the schedule under the designated hospital for the schedule and instructions to participate!

This helps promote our local community from all avenues by identifying a safe method of all parties benefiting. This truly shows how amazing our Tampa community is and the power of NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS!

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